Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome To Rich Snob!

A warm, but snobbish welcome to all my Capitalist friends in cyberspace.

You're now reading "The Rich Snob's Luxury Men's Items Reviews & News" blog. This is your one shop stop for relevant product information and news regarding luxury men's items.  Whether you are a rich snob yourself and looking to be the envy of all the boys at the yacht club, or a simple peasant saving up his rubles for a more refined purchase than usual, you'll find all the information you need to make your buying decisions with confidence.

Are you tired of shopping at the local Wal-Mart to fill those empty spaces in your eager wardrobes or ottomans?

Are you exhausted from all the effort you've been spending trying to find some way to spend your vast fortunes on something other than yet another ivory ashtray or cashmere handkerchief ?

Are you becoming bored sifting through the many reviews of the common man to decide upon which designer watch should adorn your wrist, or which designer shoes should adorn your Persian "boot trays"?

Let The Rich Snob do the thinking for you! But, first, put that mental energy into contemplating this:

If you take a look around you, which of the many items you have purchased over the years (or had purchased on your behalf) are the one's you are most proud of? If your estate caught fire this instant (perhaps from an unfortunate smoking pipe accident), for what would you hasten to order the housekeeper back into that blazing inferno for?  Would it be to save that half-brained mutt of a dog? Would it be to secure those pieces of "fine art" that you only bid on at the auction house out of spite? I think not.  Take a moment and ask yourself "Which are the most valued amongst my positions", and you may make quite a discovery indeed.

The Rich Snob has taken it upon himself to help you make the right choices at the right prices, and have those luxury items you will treasure for a lifetime, without the frustration of dealing with the aforementioned distractions. Let's get started.

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