Saturday, June 5, 2010

News: Men's Luxury Items Increasing In Popularity

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:
"Men have long been treated as an afterthought by luxury designers and retailers, given that they spend far less than women on clothes and accessories.
But as men's tastes grow more sophisticated, they are providing a new avenue for much-needed growth in the industry, executives said during theReuters Global Luxury Summit.
That change is partly being driven by greater competition where men are being challenged to improve their appearance, and a rising professional class in countries like China." (full article)
Comment by The Rich Snob: What's this? You mean good taste and impeccable style are on the increase amongst the common man? Surely not what I see through the tinted windows of my Mercedes when I am out for a night of good cheer and reckless behavior at my local pub, to keep in touch with the peasantry. Perhaps it is time for yet another trip to the Orient to see this progress with my own two eyes.

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