Sunday, June 6, 2010

Luxury Water: Turning Water Into Wine

The human body is full of water, gentlemen. "Well, if that's true Rich Snob, why do we need to drink more?", you ask. Well, you see, my friends, the body uses up that water in the pursuit of important activities such as polo, bongo hunting, and treasure seeking. If you're going to find that lost tomb of Ptahmes, or get the bongo square between the eyes, you're going to need liquid refreshment. And if you're looking for fine, luxury liquid refreshment, you've come to the right place. You're not going to catch The Rich Snob drinking bottled tap water from Coco-Cola or Pepsi, or having some ugly filtering contraption on his luxury faucets.

The Rich Snob says, "If you want to feel like royalty, you need to drink like royalty." Water shouldn't be an afterthought. Put only the best into your body! That, gentlemen, is what the Rich Snob is all about. So let's have at it with the finest waters on the planet:

420. Perhaps unfortunately named, this award-winning water comes to us from an extinct volcano. How much are you willing to spend for fine artesian water filtered over two centuries in New Zealand... Through a volcano?! A lot, that's how much. With a price tag of around $44 USD per bottle, this water is practically being given away for free. Let's face it friends, have you ever heard of anything bad coming from a volcano? I didn't think so! This is practically God-Water falling from heaven like... Rain. Found at luxury hotels and restaurants, this water is almost too good to dispose of through nature's cycle. The Rich Snob recommends keeping out of the sun, for added retention of this veritable ambrosia, at least 6 hours after consummation consumption.

Finé. Described as "A Japanese luxury drinking water that redefines the essence of purity." This luxury water begins as rain and is then filtered through volcanic rock.  The bottles are beautifully designed, and the price is very reasonable indeed at around $70 USD per case (12 bottles). With it's focus on purity, nothing is added or removed from this artesian still water. It's name and design alone are brilliant. Available online or at fine hotels and restaurants. Even those who have more expensive tastes will not be disappointed with this very unique luxury water from Japan.

Note from The Rich Snob: When ordering this water at your local luxury establishment, ensure you pronounce it's name correctly to avoid embarrassment.

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